GroundSure Combined Screening and Floodview report

Groundsure Combined Screening and Floodview Report (commercial properties only)

One Report, Many Answers.

The GroundSure Combined Screening and FloodView is now available. It offers a cost-effective option for commercial property transactions that covers contaminated land, flood and geological risks.

This single, comprehensive document brings two of GroundSure’s most popular commercial risk reports together into one great value package to help support commercial search bundles:

GroundSure Screening - a powerful combination of the fullest environment datasets with a detailed environmental risk option that meets lending-security obligations. Also comes with access to environmental insurance solutions and savings on further consultancy advice.

GroundSure FloodView - the complete commercial property flood risk search comprising a fully interpreted flood risk assessment and including a view on the likely availability of flood risk insurance for the property.

GroundSure Combined Screening and Floodview report

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