Climate Change Residential

Climate Change Residential

An informative desktop report, designed to show the potential impact that climate change could have at a property when required to disclose.

The report includes:

Potential changes to physical risk that may impact the property. These physical risks are listed below. The report also reviews energy performance, which is a key transitional risk for property to adapt to as the UK transitions to a low-carbon economy.

Physical Risks:

• Flood - Overall risk includes river, coastal and surface water flooding

• Ground Stability - Natural subsidence risk

• Heat Stress

• Coastal Erosion

Each section includes recommendations and advice to help the property lawyer discharge their duty when disclosing on potential future climate risks.

Transitional Risk: Energy Performance -

• Current Property EPC rating: Confirms if the property has an EPC, its validity, rating and when it was last inspected.

• Potential rating: Confirms what the properties potential rating, and a modelled estimate of cost to achieve rating.

Other Considerations

Report introduces the topic of climate change and why it is important to help the property lawyer discharge their duty.

When to use

During a residential property transaction where the property lawyer has been instructed to disclose on potential future climate risks.

Climate Change Residential

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