Argyll Floodsolutions Residence

Argyll Floodsolutions Residence

This report is suitable for individual residential properties. It will help owners, sellers, buyers, financial institutions and insurers understand the impact of the principal flood risks.

Key Features

• An accurate and affordable, fully interpreted flood risk report designed by leading industry experts that alerts all parties to potential flood risks and provides sound advice.

• Risk assessment and commentary by an experienced Argyll consultant. Direct access to the consultant for any follow up queries.

• Includes risk and likely depth of surface water flooding, a major cause of flooding in urban areas.

• The surface water flood risk data is used by the Environment Agency and Local Authorities for emergency planning and development purposes.

• Includes the latest National Flood Risk Assessment (NaFRA) data from the Environment Agency, recommended by the Association of British Insurers as a reliable indication of insurability for residential properties.

• Includes unique dam break data from JBA Consulting identifying the risk from flooding if a local dam failed.

• Analyses the latest data used and relied upon by insurers and regulatory bodies (provided by JBA Consulting, Ordnance Survey, Environment Agency, and British Geological Survey.)

• Accurate site validation using the latest aerial photography.

• Single, clear map to show whether the property is at risk of flooding.

• 250m search radius.

• Description and indicative pricing for flood resistance measures.

Argyll Floodsolutions Residence

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