Argyll Sitesolutions Commercial

Argyll Sitesolutions Commercial

A rapid turnaround desk-based risk management assessment solution that facilitates property deals and can be relied upon at every stage of the property transaction.

Key Features of this environmental report:

• Site screening for financial institutions, law firms, property professionals and end-consumer.

• Review of Argyll SITESOLUTIONS Datasets, aerial photography and best available high-detail historical map set in the market. Data exclusively provided by Landmark Information Group.

• Information presented in a concise, easy-to-use report, with clear assessment of environmental liability.

• Expert assessment by IEMA-accredited professionals.

• Assessment of material effect of environmental liability on purchase/loan value.

• Risk management solutions, via tailored further investigation or access to insurance expertise and products.

• Flexible report template that can be amended to the client′s specifications.

• Includes Argyll′s Ecological Risk Assessment - ensuring that the report fully Part IIA compliant.

• Report cost is offset against further consultancy work.

• Terms and Conditions that are regarded as the most comprehensive and flexible by the top UK law firms.

• All Argyll products are supported by direct access to the Consultancy team. Argyll experts will give you experienced and professional advice at no extra charge.

Argyll Sitesolutions Commercial

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