Argyll Sitesolutions Estate

Argyll Sitesolutions Estate

The Sitesolutions Estate report is suitable for a bespoke risk screening of agricultural land holdings of any size.

Key Features:

• Review of Argyll SITESOLUTIONS Datasets provided exclusively by Landmark Information Group.

• Includes data on telecommunication base stations, overhead transmission lines, the latest radon data and a full range of key environmental datasets.

• Information presented in a concise, easy-to use report, with clear assessment of environmental liabilities.

• Expert assessment by IEMA-accredited professionals.

• Assessment of material effect of environmental liability on purchase/loan value.

• Risk management solutions via tailored further investigation or access to insurance expertise and products.

• Bespoke product design through cost effective modular options for high detail map review, regulatory consultation and site inspection.

• Report can be customised to your specific needs, and can include items such as an assessment of ancient rights of way, analysis of high detail maps across potential areas of concern, or walk-over inspection of operational or historic high-risk areas.

• Tailored additional considerations relevant to agricultural sites.

• All Argyll products are supported by direct access to the Consultancy team which has specific experience of agricultural transactions.

Argyll Sitesolutions Estate

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