Argyll SiteSolutions Highways Report for Commercial Properties

Argyll SiteSolutions Highways Report

This report provides information relating to the adoption status of roads, footpaths and verges, road improvement schemes and orders, forthcoming roadworks as well as the identification of rights of way and potential proposed amendments surrounding a commercial site.

What’s included:-
• Designed for Commercial transactions
• Enquiries in line with the requirements of the leading Commercial Property Law firms.
• Provides the answers to questions required by the LPSLG and APSL groups who represent the Top 100 Law firms.
• Takes a polygon and then adds a 250m buffer zone to ensure all data is captured
• Provides an individual plan and key to provide a clear visual representation of the location of any areas of concern for each question.
• Identifies the location and type of roadworks along with which utility is responsible.
• Simple summary to easily identify any issues
• Local authority data
• Highways Agency data
• Personal search data
• Ordnance Survey data
• Backed by £10 million Professional Indemnity Cover
• Turnaround time 5 working days (average) – big advantage as can take between 20 and 90 working days!

The report can be ordered by looking for ′Argyll SiteSolutions Highways′ in the Miscellaneous Reports section on our web ordering page when you are placing a commercial order.

Argyll SiteSolutions Highways Report for Commercial Properties

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