Argyll Sitesolutions Residence

Argyll Sitesolutions Residence

Intelligent conveyancing solution providing a comprehensive residential risk assessment, based on detailed data and professional interpretation.

Key Features:

• The only residential report in the market that is based on the site boundary and not the centre point, making it suitable for sites with a larger-than-normal footprint.

• This comprehensive risk residential assessment now includes the latest radon data, information on telecommunication base overhead transmission lines and a full range of key environmental datasets making it ideal for more discerning clients.

• Aerial photograph and detailed dataset.

• Comprehensive flood risk and natural hazards data.

• Search based on polygon of entire property, ideal for larger or urban properties.

• Liability cover of £10 million per report, ideal for higher-value and urban properties.

• Provision of manually interpreted report, assessed by IEMA-accredited professionals.

• Risk management solutions including access to environmental insurance.

• Terms and conditions that are regarded as the most comprehensive and flexible by the top UK law firms.

• All Argyll products are supported by direct access to the Consultancy team. Argyll experts will give you experienced and professional advice at no extra charge.

Argyll Sitesolutions Residence

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