Commercial Drainage and Water Enquiries

Commercial Drainage and Water Enquiries

In response to the Law Society′s need to increase professional indemnity to £2 million and develop a Drainage and Water report specifically designed for commercial properties the Commercial Drainage and Water Enquiry was created.

For properties or land 1 Hectare and over a Commercial Plus Enquiry provides increased Professional Indemnity cover to £5 million.

The search includes:

• Plans of sewer and water assets

• Connections to public water and sewerage systems

• Proximity of sewer and water mains to the property

• Building over consents

• Water quality analysis

• Sewer flooding information

• Location of nearest public sewage treatment works

• Sewer and water mains adoption information

• Detailed basis of charging information

• Water meter information

• Authorised departures from water quality standards

• Details of any consented trade effluent discharges

Commercial Drainage and Water Enquiries

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