Envirosearch Residential

Envirosearch Residential

The information included within Envirosearch Residential will help any homebuyer to make an informed decision about purchasing a property and whether it will provide a suitable environment and investment for their family.

Envirosearch Residential includes a professional opinion from the UK′s leading firm of Chartered Environmental Surveyors, Wilbourn Associates. In bringing together specialist knowledge of contaminated land and land surveying, Envirosearch Residential is unique in considering the issue of contaminated land in relation to property value and use.

A professional conclusion means the burden of interpretation is now left to the experts.

The report includes:

· Details on the presence of any nearby toxic or explosive substances

· Location details of waste landfill sites

· Information on local industrial and mining activity

· Comprehensive details on the risks to the property from past and present contaminating and polluting processes

· An assessment of the risks of subsidence and flooding

· Historical tanks and energy facilities from Ordnance Survey and Telecommunications Base Stations from the Radio Communications Agency.

Using information from the Environment Agency, Ordnance Survey and other data providers Envirosearch Residential is clear and concise. To aid clarity, the report is split into four logical sections:

· Standard environmental enquiries 500m radius

· Land use records 250m radius

· Mining, subsidence and radon

· Flooding and overhead Transmission Lines

Envirosearch Residential

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