GroundSure Homebuyers

GroundSure Homebuyers

The GroundSure Homebuyers is a fully-interpreted and risk-rated environmental screening report, with a Passed/In Need of Further Assessment certificate, allowing prospective purchasers to buy a property with assured confidence.

Above all, a GroundSure Homebuyers helps reduce a property professionals′ exposure to negligence and guard purchasers against property blight.

Terms and conditions provide additional cover unseen in other environmental reports including £5m PI insurance uniquely linked to the expert assessment and £60,000 clean-up contribution, providing unrivalled client protection.

All reports are compiled and interpreted by IEMA accredited environmental consultants. A GroundSure Homebuyers is the only residential report that offers you and your clients direct access to an in-house team of experts and searches are more comprehensive than those provided by Local Authorities.

GroundSure Homebuyers Review

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