GroundSure Planview

GroundSure Planview

GroundSure Planview provides market leading historic planning data covering the last 10 years, designed specifically to assist commercial property transactions.

The report includes information on retail planning applications, major project applications, local infrastructure, mobile mast data, local amenities, environmentally sensitive areas and much more.

GroundSure Planview is based on a polygon search providing details of all historical planning applications within 500m of the site boundary. This also delivers a more advanced level of scalability in comparison to the standard GroundSure Planning.

The GroundSure Planview contains market leading planning information to help you make an informed decision:

• 10 years of planning data – unrivalled in the market

• Detailed planning project descriptions and application status updated weekly

• Residential and commercial planning applications from the last 10 years

• Telecommunication masts and mobile transmitter data unique to GroundSure

• Local authority information including tax banding, costs and contact details

• Points of local interest including hospitals, amenities and transport

• Electricity pylons and overhead transmission lines

• Presence of Radon

GroundSure Planview

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