GroundSure Planning

GroundSure Planning

Knowledge and understanding of local planning information is a fundamental component of any pre-acquisition property search process.

New development and construction projects in the immediate and wider vicinity of a property can at one extreme result in annoyance and frustration for a new property owner and ultimately at the other extreme, have a material consequence on the value of the property being purchased.

GroundSure utilises the most accurate and complete planning history data from its sister Emap company Glenigan to provide GroundSure Planning. Glenigan data is widely acknowledged as the most comprehensive of its kind, a fact supported by Glenigan′s clients including the Ordnance Survey Change Intelligence Section and the Planning Portal.

GroundSure Planning:

• 10 years planning history

• Detailed residential and commercial planning applications

• Detailed major infrastructure project planning applications

• Planning application decisions / status

• Mobile phone mast locations

• Local infrastructure and information

• Local education details

GroundSure Planning

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