GroundSure Review

GroundSure Review

GroundSure Review is established as the leading report amongst the largest legal firms in the UK.

It offers a fast, efficient and cost-effective means of assessing environmental risks and liabilities for commercial properties. This report is ideal for those wishing to undertake an initial screening of a site.

The special features which make GroundSure Review an industry leader:

• It is the only rapid screening tool to include a review of large-scale historic maps (1:2,500) - highlighting potential risks that may not appear in reports using a scale of only 1:10,000

• Reports are designed for ease of use and provide a single page executive summary covering key findings, recommendations and guidance

• All reports state the most sensitive use for which the site is most likely to be suitable

• Each report indicates a risk of the site being investigated further under part IIA of the EPA 1990

• The level of risk of Direct or Necessary Remedial Action under Relevant Legislation is indicated in all reports

• All reports include an aerial photograph of the study site and a highly detailed site plan

• GroundSure Review is compiled and interpreted by IEMA accredited environmental auditors

• Our Customer Helpline offers full technical support through access to our in-house team of experts

These detailed reports are based on:

• A variable search radius of 500m - 1,500m (dependant on the potential hazard)

• A review of historical mapping (1:10,560, 1:10,000, 1:2,500)

• Potential for flooding and subsidence

• Proximity to landfill sites, waste sites and scrap yards

• Hazardous and regulated installations

• Discharge consents

• Abstraction licenses

• Groundwater vulnerability and soil leaching potential

• Source Protection Zones

• Petroleum and fuel sites

• Radon exposure

• Current industrial land use details

• Pollution incidents

GroundSure Review

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