CON29DW Commercial report changes coming July 2023

From Monday 10 July our CON29DW Commercial report is changing

We’re pleased to share news that the CON29DW Commercial is now fully endorsed by The Law Society, offering the very highest standards of product quality, consumer protection, and customer service that conveyancers expect.

The following changes to the CON29DW Commercial products that we produce for the Northumbrian Water area have been made following your customer feedback and suggestions. This means:

  • The CON29DW Commercial will be integrated with the Commercial Plus to a simplified one product and coverage area
  • The question numbering has changed and aligned with the Con29DW Residential product to reflect the endorsement of the Law Society
  • A Higher level of indemnity now £10M

This change will come into effect Monday 10 July – orders received from this date onwards will be processed based on these changes. We feel this one size fits all product will cut down and eliminate the need for queries to you and your clients.

We’ve not increased our prices for many years and therefore to accommodate these enhancements and level of indemnity, the new CON29DW Commercial price will rise to £125.00 plus VAT –still significantly less than the current Commercial Plus product price of £153.18.

We will treat existing quotes, and any orders already received but not processed, on a case-by-case basis, but wherever possible we will ensure you are not impacted negatively by these changes as we switch from one arrangement to the other.

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