Sitecheck Planning

Sitecheck Planning

Sitecheck Planning is a unique report providing essential planning data for commercial property transactions.

The report provides current and historical planning information for the site of interest and the surrounding area.

The report contains information on the following

• Land use policies

• Flooding information within 500m of the site boundary

• Planning applications made over last five years split into 2 sections

    1) ′large′-with an estimated development cost over £100,000 search radius 500m

    2) ′small′-with an estimated development cost under £100,000 search radius 250m

• Development Plan Tracker - a listing of relevant development plans

Sitecheck Planning is available for any commercial site or property in Great Britain and provides comprehensive, high quality information in an illustrated and easy to use report, saving the user both time and money.

An additional benefit is that the Land Use Policy categories have been standardised across the whole of Great Britain to produce a ′National Grid′ of planning information. This makes it easier to analyse a site where two Local Plans, with different development categories, cover the area of the search.

Sitecheck Planning

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