GroundSure Data

GroundSure Data

GroundSure Data provides comprehensive and robust uninterpreted environmental data for commercial property professionals to utilise in their own due diligence.

Presented in a user friendly format, GroundSure Data provides unrivalled information to support your professional judgement and opinion.

The report contains GroundSure′s unique Historical Land Use Data, comprising 6,500 individually identified potentially contaminative land uses (previous market standard 186); delivering a new quality standard and enhanced levels of data, choice and flexibility.

In addition to GroundSure′s Historical Land Use Data, the report also comprises:

• GroundSure historical tanks, garages, petrol filling stations and energy facilities from

• 1:2500 and 1:1250 mapping covering the period since 1840

• Environment Agency flooding and British Geological Survey groundwater flooding

• Summary of geology based on British Geological Survey 1:50,000 geological mapping

• Summary of natural hazards based on British Geological Survey GeoSure data

• Dedicated SPZ and groundwater sensitivity map

• Current aerial photograph

• World Heritage Sites and Environmentally Sensitive Areas (e.g. SSSIs)

• 1:10,000 Ordnance Survey Street Map

• High Pressure Oil and Gas Pipeline data

• Overview of data findings

• Advanced graphical representation of each data element

• Data specific radial searches

GroundSure Data

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